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What do you know about ear seeds?

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We all know acupuncture, today we will introduce a tool for auricular therapy-ear seeds.

1. What are ear seeds?

Ear seeds are treating tools for auricular therapy(which refers to acupressure or acupuncture for the ear.), they stimulate pressure points in our ear. They are based on the same general principles as acupuncture. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), our health depends on the flow of qi(energy) in our body. According to the TCM, this energy propagates along the invisible channel, called the meridian. The meridians are all over the body, including the ears. Ear seeds are placed at certain points, usually along the meridian to help remove any air resistance. In TCM, removing these barriers may contribute to a variety of health conditions.

Ear seeds consist of metal or plant "seeds" with a square or round sticky backing.

Ear seeds which are made of metal, such as stainless steel, silver or gold-plated, are often paired with scotch tape. It makes people more cautious. If noticed, they are easily mistaken for jewelry.

Some practitioners prefer ear seeds made from traditional vaccaria plant seeds, a type of herb that moves blood ( it is particularly effective and active) in Chinese herbal medicine.

2. The origin of ear seeds

Auriculotherapy is a newcomer to East Asian medicine. Acupuncture has been mentioned in some traditional Chinese medical literature for many years, specifically for its use in the treatment of jaundice, epidemics, headache, cataracts and pain; however, no complete systemic or anatomical correspondence has been formed. In other parts of the world, ear burning for the treatment of sciatic nerve pain is carried out in ancient Greek medicine and is part of the Islamic medical.

The modern auriculotherapy system originated in Europe in the late 1950s. The story says that a French doctor Paul Nogier noticed the burning scar on the ear of a patient whose sciatic pain has been cured; he traced the scar to a non-professional doctor in Marseille, Mrs. Bahrain, who used her father's technique to treat sciatica pain, her father learned it from a Chinese doctor. She used a hot needle to the specific area of the outer ear (later determined by Nogier to correspond to the lumbar/tibia junction) and patients reported that their sciatic pain quickly disappeared.

Nogier and other practitioners in France and Europe have established a complete anatomical correspondence system between the ear and the rest of the body. Through practical experience and research, Nogier and his colleagues found that the ears showed a corresponding relationship in the inverted body (or body shape), more commonly known as the shape of the inverted fetus, because it will rest in the womb.

Under the task of Mao Zedong, Chinese acupuncturist re-started the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In 1958, they learned about the work of Nogier, and began research, development and application of remote treatment, which is far beyond the previous practice. As a result, two complete and effective systems have been developed - the Chinese and French systems - which overlap and differ and have been further developed in different parts of the world.

3. The effects of ear seeds

According to TCM, the ear hosts acupressure points that correspond to each part of the body. When you stimulate a point, the smooth and abundant flow of qi or vital life energy returns the related organ or area, allowing healing. Ear seeds can be used alone or in combination with acupuncture or body acupressure in order to treat a host of symptoms, this ear massage can offer gentle support for your weight loss or smoking cessation.

The seeds of the vaccaria plant are tiny enough to sit precisely over one pressure point. This feature is important because the ear is crowded with pressure points, and it's easy to hit a point or points that surround the one you intend to stimulate. Vaccaria also works to invigorate the blood, and opens the energy channels of the body and speeds the healing process. Many vaccaria seed products come with an adhesive tape attached to each seed for easy application.

4. How to use ear seeds?

1) Clean and dry the outside of the ear. Ear seeds should always be placed outside the ear, not in the ear canal

2) Determine the correct point. Some ear seed kits come with a chart showing the location of a particular point. Acupuncturists can also help you find the best spot to meet your needs.

3) Apply the ear seeds to your ears with tweezers. Ear seeds are usually pre-attached to the tape; try not to touch the sticky side of the tape. Gently press on the tape to make sure it sticks.

4) Gently massage the ear seeds. Do it two or three times a day or have. The pressure is applied by rubbing the seeds in a circular motion for one to three minutes.

5) Replace them regularly. After about three to five days, the ear seeds may fall off on its own. It is not recommended to leave them for more than five days, even if they still exist.

6) Take them off. You can use tweezers or nails to ensure that the seeds do not fall into your ear canal, tilt your head so that the ears face the ground before ear seeds leaving. If the seed falls into your ear and does not come out, contact your health care provider as soon as possible.



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