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What do you know about acupuncture model?

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Birth of acupuncture bronze figures

In the song dynasty, Tiansheng acupuncture bronze figures were designed by wang and cast by skilled craftsmen from all over the country. In 1027, two acupuncture bronze figures were cast. Tiansheng acupuncture bronze figures are the earliest acupuncture models cast in the world.

Wang yi was an acupuncturist in the northern song dynasty. He drew the front and side pictures of the human body according to the human figure. And he marked the position of acupuncture points precisely. Also, he collected clinical experience, and wrote the acupuncture theory which is divided into 3 volumes, and cast the acupuncture bronze figures for intuitive teaching and examination of acupuncture models.

The acupuncture bronze figures are made of bronze. They are about the same height as young men with handsome faces and strong physique. The upper part of the body is bare, the lower part of the body is wearing shorts with a belt. The man is standing still with his hands outstretched, palms facing forward. The bronze figure was cast into two parts, which were disassembled and combined with special plugs, reflecting the high aesthetics of human body and technology of casting at that time. The bronze figures were marked with 354 points, all of which were drilled with small holes. The chamber contains organs and bones which were made out of wood. Therefore, they can be used in teaching.

Acupuncture bronze figures are not only models for medical teaching, but also historical relics. However, after being cast in the song dynasty, the acupuncture bronze figures experienced many vicissitudes. After the restoration, they still wear seriously, and the original ones have disappeared.


The influence on acupuncture models in later generations

After the Tiansheng bronze figures of the northern song dynasty, acupuncture bronze figures have been produced in all dynasties, which is one of the important contents of the academic construction of acupuncture.

In 1958, professor Li Ding and other professors cooperated with one factory in Shanghai and created different kinds of acupuncture models, taking a new step towards visualization in teaching.

In 2009, professor He Puren, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, designed and produced the new type of acupuncture models based on several medical records, taking the characteristics of the human body as the background and combining his clinical experience of acupuncture for more than 60 years, and obtained the national patent.

Inspired by ancient bronze models of acupuncture, many medical device companies have produced acupuncture and moxibustion models with different functions, such as JSF. To take the products from this brand as an example, with modern technology, various acupuncture models showing meridians and acupoints can fully meet the needs in teaching. The acupuncture model plays an extremely important role in learning acupuncture, which can help doctors to get familiar with human acupuncture points to ensure that in the treatment, the effect of acupuncture is good, which can reduce the occurrence of accidents. It is also necessary to use different durable acupuncture models to meet the needs of teaching in different scenarios.

Moreover, bronze figures have become a symbol of acupuncture. Many medical and research institutions of acupuncture and a large number of acupuncture books use bronze figures or pictures as the representative of academic content. In many places of acupuncture, there are many imitations or models of acupuncture bronze figures, which record the development of Chinese medicine.

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