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How to slow senility

Views:119     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-12      Origin:Site

Every beautiful woman has a dream: keep young and keep skin tight and smooth all the time, they want to know how to slow down the senility.

Recently, A BBC documentary,called how to slow the ageing is being shown online. The main character, a plastic surgeon named rozina, has a daily job related to the  skin and she always wondered how her skin become senility. How can people prevent the aging? So she left the treatment room and went into advanced dermatology, and the results far out of her expectations!

1.The biggest culprit of long wrinkle is the most casual thing in our daily life: the sunlight! Ultraviolet can be divided into UVA (long wave ultraviolet) and UVB (short wave ultraviolet) .

We should not underestimate any one of them , UVB will "sunburn" us , and UVA will make people "tanned and old".The shocking thing is that UVA is so pervasive that it can penetrate glass! A study on lorry drivers have found that the skin on the right side of the face is more wrinkled and darker than the left face, it’s because the right side of the face is constantly exposed to UVA light that can penetrate glass Windows. So when choosing sunscreen, we should check not only SPF but also pay attention to the UVA rating, the higher rate is the more effective sunscreen is.

2.Healthy diet helps slow down aging

Diet is the key to protecting and repairing the fibroblasts in your skin. A proper diet not only slows down aging, but also provides energy, strengthens your body and keeps you healthy.

Choose food with bright colors, such as tomatoes, which are bright red. Tomatoes are packed with a special ingredient, lycopene, which gives them their bright colors and helps them absorb oxidation and prevent oxidative stress.

Choose fruits and vegetables that taste bitter, like broccoli, which contains an ingredient called mustard oilers.Radishes also contain mustard and mandarin oranges, foods that naturally promote cell resistance to aging.

3.Eat plenty of oily fish fish is good for your skin because it contains a special ingredient.Mackerel is our common "blue and white fish" for example, high protein, easy to be absorbed by the human body, and have anti-inflammatory effect, can inhibit inflammation in skin cells, beneficial to prevent skin aging.

4.Try to eat less starchy foods, such as potatoes and wheat.Eat less starch food, also have the effect of reducing weight.

Not only can sugar make you fat, it also makes you look older.

Why do some people in their age group look younger?The relationship between sugar content and skin aging was investigated with a sample size of 600.The researchers measured each person's blood sugar levels.On average, people with high blood sugar levels look two years older.

In addition, Keep doing exercises ,do the things you really love, keep in a good mood and regular rest, careful skin care are also the effective countermeasures to slow aging.Make-up remover is a very important step in skin care. If the makeup is not removed for a long time, the skin will age quickly and the skin condition will become very poor.In the process of removing makeup, you can use the face washer to remove makeup, so that the makeup remover will be more complete.

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