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Factory Direct Wooden Nails Five Rows of Foot Roller Massage Foot Massage Wooden Massage

Type:Foot Massager
Product Name:Foot Massager
Function:Body Healthcare Massage
Product Weight:54g
Product Size:27 * 17 * 5CM
Massage area:Foot+Calf(optional)

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Commodity materialwooden 
commodity styleas shown
Product Weightabout 54g
Packaging Size /
Product Size27 * 17 * 5CM
Noteshould not be exposed to dry air, in the shade closed storage

This product (five row nail massager) all of the above paint made of Schima superba, is made of environmentally friendly materials, you can always use it to perform foot massage (watching TV, reading, work leisure time), home and office workers and the elderly is simple, convenient and effective exercise equipment.

The massager mainly massages each part of the foot through massaging the feet

of the sole so as to stimulate all parts of the body. Suitable for the elderly, family, women and mental workers and other people. And beautiful style, reliable quality, for personal use, send people are good choice, give the elders to show filial piety, to friends expressed concern, to colleagues expressed friendship!!!


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acupuncture needles HL-ZJ-02


acupuncture needles HL-ZJ-03


acupuncture needles HL-ZJ-04


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