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Does your pet eat healthy?

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Many people like to keep puppies and cats at home. Play with them every day, and they also bring a lot of joy to the host. Sometimes pet's bad diet can lead to pet anorexia, suffering, and possibly death because of the owner's neglect .This ariticle will share some tips on pet diet and give pets a healthy diet!

1. Factors Influencing Pet's Dietary Habits

(1) Overeating

Pets that eat too much can face the risk of obesity and complications from overweight, including joint stress, heart disease, liver disease and kidney problems. Eating too much is usually a problem of feeding pets, which means that food is too easy to get when they need it. Many owners believe that pet begging means they are hungry, but pets are opportunistic consumers. Whether they are full or not, they will eat as long as they can eat. This is normal animal behavior, that is, as the owner of a pet, you must specify how much food your pet can eat.

(2) Insufficient Diet or Anorexia

There is no problem with pets eating less than one meal in daily life, but when the pet stops eating completely, it may be anorexia, which can have serious consequences. Anorexia in pets can cause symptoms such as pain and fever. There are many reasons for a pet's lack of diet, and the disease may be the first factor. Anorexia can be caused by stress, depression or lack of physical activity. Due to the variety of reasons for inadequate diet, it is necessary to consult the veterinarian as soon as possible and carry out the corresponding tests when the pet diet changes over a long period of time. Ordinary diet deficiency or mild anorexia can be alleviated by changing some dietary habits. In more serious cases, intravenous injection therapy is needed for pets.

(3) Eating too Fast

When a pet eats too fast, it is often not chewed. Eating too fast can cause suffocation or gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting, stomach twist or swelling. This behavior is a model, so make sure that pets eat where they have no competitors, away from other animals or anything that might take their food source. Several pet bowls can be prepared to slow pets down, and pets need to do certain actions or follow the way to get food, forcing them to eat slowly. Instead of eating a bowl at a time, try hand-feeding or feeding a small amount of food to your pet at a time.

2. Cautions for the Dog Diet

(1) Theobromine in chocolate reduces the blood flow to the brain and may cause heart disease and other fatal threats. The higher the purity, the higher the content of theobromine in the chocolate, and the greater the risk to the dog.

(2) Raw or cooked onions and scallions contain disulfide, which is harmless to human body, but can cause red blood cell oxidation of cats, dogs, sheep, horses and cattle, which may cause hemolytic anemia.

(3) Small amounts of liver are good for dogs, but excessive amounts can cause problems. Because the liver contains a lot of vitamin A, it can cause vitamin A poisoning. About three chicken livers a week (or the corresponding amount of other animal livers Can cause bone problems.

(4) Broken bones, such as chicken bones, may penetrate the dog's throat or cut the dog's mouth, esophagus, stomach or intestines. If you want to feed the bones, use a pressure cooker to boil, the bone marrow is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, copper, and the big bone helps to remove tartar.

(5) Biogenic protein contains a protein of ovalbumin, which depletes vitamin H in dogs. Vitamin H is an indispensable nutrient for dog growth and fur health. In addition, raw eggs usually contain pathogens. Cooked chicken yellow is very suitable for the puppy, and eating 3 per week is very good for puppies.

(6) The dog's immune system can not adapt to poultry and meat raised in captivity. The most common Salmonella and Bacillus are very dangerous to dogs.

(7) Fat balls in pork are larger than other meats, may block the dog's micro-vessels to avoid pig products, especially bacon containing sodium nitrate.

(8) Many dogs have lactose discomfort. If the dog has a fart, diarrhea, dehydration or skin inflammation after drinking milk, stop feeding. Dogs with lactose intolerance should eat lactose-free milk.

(9) Edible mushrooms and mushrooms sold on the market are not harmful to dogs. However, dogs should not be allowed to eat mushrooms to avoid the habit of eating mushrooms and eating poisonous mushrooms in the wild.

(10) Rice cake, seaweed may block the throat or stick to the trachea, causing suffocation.

(11) Dog food is the best food for pets at home. High-quality dog food has fully supplemented all the needs of dogs, fundamentally solving the incomplete dietary structure of dogs.

3. Cautions for the Cat Diet

(1) As we all know, cats are a high carnivorous animal, so we give cats some high protein meat in their daily life. It has been proved that cats need three times as much meat-based protein as dogs, so supplementing high-protein meat is very important for cats to grow up.

(2) It is suggested that cats should not be fed fruits and vegetables, which has a serious health impact on the growth of cats. Some families give their pets vegetarian food because the whole family is vegetarian. In fact, this practice is very wrong.

(3) Some foods can make cats sick, such as seafood, raw chicken, desserts, onions, bones, grapes. And cats eating bones can damage their stomach and intestines.

(4) Eating too much frozen food is doomed to be bad for the intestines and stomach, but also easy to bring various degrees of harm to the body.

As owners, we can not give pets a single food, which has a very serious impact on the nutritional balance of pets. Pet food is the best food for pets at home. High quality pet food fully complements all the needs of pets and fundamentally solves the problem of incomplete pet diet structure. Pet food is the best choice for pets, enough to ensure the growth of the body, hair color maintenance and other health, so it also enables him to have a more comfortable life!

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