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A brief introduction of sterile needle

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A brief introduction of sterile needle

A sterile needle is a pin like thumbtack. It is mostly used for intradermal or ear needles. It is the traditional needling method of floating needle and shallow needle, which belongs to the auxiliary treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture embedding needle has the functions of running local acupoint blood, dredging channels and collaterals, promoting metabolism and relieving local soft tissue spasm. The use of sterile pinching needles with only 1.3-2.5 mm long needles to bury the needles can not only retain the needles for a long time, but also can safely cooperate with life movement for treatment, and continue to give play to the efficacy of acupuncture. 

The Function And Principle Of Acupuncture Needle

Acupuncture needle is a kind of intradermal needle, it is also known as "pin-type intradermal needle" and "thumbnail-type intradermal needle". Intradermal needle (subcutaneous needle embedding) which is one of the acupuncture methods is the development of ancient needle retention methods. It is a method of treating diseases by stabbing needles into the skin and retaining them for a certain period of time after fixing them. This method can be used to embedding needles according to the selected points or along meridians, so as to stimulate acupoints continuously, which not only reduces the trouble of repeated needling, but also enables patients to embedding needles by hand, so as to enhance the stimulation of acupoints.


Characteristics Of Aseptic Needles

1. Safety of Needle Embedding Therapy

(1) Needle medical fixed adhesive: It uses imported medical acrylic acid coating, after pasting, it will be more close to the skin with the body surface temperature. The buried needle is not easy to fall off after fixing. And it has the characteristics of smoothness and serviceability. The paste can last for 3 to 7 days.


(2) Tip + ring tail structure: Tip is small (diameter is less than 0.25 mm, length is less than 2.5 mm). It has a safe penetration depth and a ring-shaped tail to protect the needle (not completely penetrated into the skin). There is no hidden danger of safety after embedding needles, and it does not affect the normal activities of the body.


(3) Sterile production and packaging: from naked needle assembly, dialysis paper packaging, ethylene oxide sterilization process are completed in strict aseptic workshop production.


2. Tolerance of Needle Embedding Therapy

This refers to the patient's acceptance of needle insertion and discharge pain. Through the industry's leading production technology and equipment, it uses patented handle winding technology, metal surface lubrication and active coating treatment technology. Needle insertion and needle discharge have a smooth feeling. Patients feel less pain and are easy to accept.


The Medical Principle And Persistence Of Aseptic Needling

1. Repeatedly stimulate the cutaneous nerve endings receptors by burying needles in the epidermis. Then it passes into the central nervous system to inhibit pathological excitation.


2. Subcutaneous nerve endings and capillaries are extremely abundant. After embedding the needle, it will affect the PH value of local tissues and body fluids, form'+, -'charges and produce electrochemical stimulation. Superficial acupoints are the best place for acupuncture and embedding needles.


3. The effect of needle embedding for 72 hours is more than 100 times that of routine acupuncture and moxibustion. Continuous stimulation therapy of acupoints can be applied to the lesions without affecting the normal activities of the body. It has certain advantages in the timeliness, safety and persistence of treatment.


4. Using pin-pressing intradermal needle (pin-pressing needle) embedding needle treatment, its effect is no less than that of traditional acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. It has the functions of activating blood circulation and relieving pain. It is not easy to recur in a short time.


In fact, sterile needles have been widely used. Because of its painless needle and quick effect, it has been affirmed by people.


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